Echte Menschen mit Fassung. Die Foto-Galerie startet automatisch. Sie können auf Vollbildschirm klicken und durch Betätigung der Audio-Schleife die Bilder mit entspannter Musik auf sich wirken lassen.

Real people, framed with specs, but free to show a part of their lifestyle. The show starts automatically. You may skip to fullscreen and listen some music, if you like to. Just enjoy and get some impressions.



Bérénice wears VR 9

Jasmin wears VR 9

Klaus wears VR 11

Blue Weaver wears VR 7

Jan wears VR 4 Sonja wears AC 1

Timo wears VR 13

Bérénice wears VR 14

Beate wears VN 2

Mojgan wears VR 15

Mojgan again with VR 15

Steven wears HR 6

Benny wears HR 10

Steffi wears BN 2

Rosemarie wears VR 12

Jeanine & Jasmin wearing AC 2

Robert wears RW 2

Denise wears VR 15

Steffi wears VR 5

Buddha holds VR 9

Denise wears VR 9

Raffaela wears VR 19

Anke wears VR 17

ML feat. Rebecca wears VR 2

Ulrike wears BN 2

Annegret wears RW 1

Quinn wears VR 8

Ann-Kristin wears HR 4

Maestro is cooking with RW 2

Michael wears RW 2

taste Latte Macch. with VR 7

Ceren wears VR 7

hooked at a show with VR 8

Axel wears HR 6

Martin wears BN 1

Christine wears VR 8

never in panic with AC 5

Dietmar wears VR 3

Sascha smiles with VR 4


VR 8 does make you laugh

Claudia wears AC 5

feeling good with HR 2

Nicola wears VR 15

Petra wears VR 12

dreaming to be optician in VR 2

Tom tells stories about VR 11

Steffi with AC 5

Isabell wears AC 2

Steffi wears BN 2

Marcus looking through VR 6

Carmo wearing VN 2

Mario & his VR 7

Martina, heavenly VR 14

Florian, on holiday in HR 12

Many & her HR 5

Frauke wears VR 24

Lisa and VR 20

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